Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Hello Sameera!

In preparation for our next Swish (THIS Sunday!) we’ve taken on another pair of helpful hands!
Sameera, who if you’re a regular Swisher, you’ll have seen at most Swishes before, has joined the team, while Leila’s got her hands full with baby Rex!

As a fully-fledged Swisher, Sameera loves the electric moments before the Swish starts: “I love the anticipation! You never know what your going to get!”

“When all the clothes are colour-blocked on the rails, when the shoes are beautifully displayed, when we've hung out key pretty pieces for display, styled the event with vintage accessories and we've got scarves and handbags laid out for the taking, it’s electric! That’s the best bit of the Swish for me!”

Our stylish Sameera, has found staggered away from Swishes with lots of fab swaps like LK Bennett knee high boots and a Whistles cocktail dress!

“I can usually never find shoes in my size at Swishes, so my size 8 LK Bennett knee highs are just amazing! My fabulous Whistles grey cocktail dress is such a beautiful fit and was almost new!”

This Swish, Sameera’s on the look out for adaptable summer dresses and spring accessories:

“I’m a big fan of summer dresses that can be worn with tights and a cardi to cross seasons! This Swish, I’ll be on the hunt for bold colours and an accessory or two…!”

Come say Hi to Sameera and the rest of the My Swish team on Sunday 4th March at The Blind Tiger Club, Brighton! We look forward to seeing you!

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Sunday Swish @ The Blind Tiger, Brighton!

With only a few days to go until the next BIG Swish, we’re getting very excited at My Swish towers! Not only because we’ll have a VERY special (and perhaps, youngest ever!) swisher, but because we have a new home!

From now on Swishes will be held at the fabulous Blind Tiger Club in Brighton and we’re hoping this will be our biggest EVER Swish! So much so, that we’re offering ladies a buy two, get one free on entry! So now, all your girlfriends can afford to come!

If swapping pre-loved clothes, eating cake and having a good gossip wasn’t enough, our very own Leila will be bringing along a very special visitor of her own! Little Rex will be just over two weeks old by time the time this Sunday’s Swish comes around, so form an ordely queue for cuddles, ladies!

Get your early entry for just £6.50 (£8 on door!) by booking online! Can’t wait to see you all!

My Successful Swishes!

How amazing was last months swish? I still can’t get over the lovelies I left with! I thought I’d share my finds with you like-minded ladies, and also thank the ones who bought my swaps!

As a dress girl, normally floral and always A-line, I made a bee-line for the girlie pink and purples rack and stumbled on my amazing finds.

I came away, like so many of you, laden with lots of things I love, including this deep purple New Look netty number! With my Sister’s 18th Birthday, just around the corner, this is the perfect find and multi-use dress. Plus it’s very pretty and I just know in years to come, I’ll still be wearing it, as long as it fits!

On the same rack, I found my pink lacy spring dress! I’d been looking at similar things, as you do, perusing Vogue and sighing longingly, never expecting to stumble on it at a swish. But this goes to show, anything is possible at a swish. Better still, as it’s a Primark dress, it left me plenty of points to get other things!

This included my silky navy vintage-inspired dress, which before the swish, I would have never thought suited my shape. But, belted and with chunky heels, I think I look quite sophisticated! Perhaps bang on the Maggie Thatcher trend?

Speaking of up to date fashions, the number of designer labels been swished seemed higher than ever! A savvy- swisher swapped her Hunter Wellington Boots (that were a bit too small!) for Kurt Geiger heels! Where else would that happen? Also at one point a Mulberry Alexa Handbag (lust!) was in the accessories section, but was long gone before I got there!

So now you’ve seen some of my swaps, show yours off with pride! Tag us in your Facebook photos! Who knows you may even see some of YOUR pre-loved clothes in their new home.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

A swish at the House of Lords and a new arrival

On Wednesday Sarah and I took ourselves off to the House of Lords for a swish to celebrate International Swishing Week.  It was hosted by Baroness Young and organised by the founder of swishing, uber-glam Lucy Shea of ethical communications agency Futerra.  You can read her account of her year of no clothes shopping on her blog here

I have to admit at the outset, that I cannot remember a single thing about what I left with - however there is a good reason for this - of which more in a minute.

Sarah outside the Houses of Parliament in swished brogues

As you can see, we were RIDICULOUSLY excited, happy-snapping away like tourists... 

Me outside Black Rod's Entrance in swished green dress

In fact, I was SO excited about going that there was one small thing I neglected to tell anyone in case I was persuaded not to go:  I had a sneaky suspicion that my waters might have broken that morning... Undeterred, I donned my high-heeled boots and ran for the train.

That sneaky suspicion was proved to have been not so sneakily correct when, 24 hours after this photo was taken, baby Rex made his grand arrival into the world.  24 hours after that, we left hospital in Tunbridge Wells in style:

...wearing a swished outfit, natch.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Hotel du Vin Swish for Cystic Fibrosis

Wow, what a busy day yesterday was! All that swapping, gossiping, cake munching and tea sipping has left us exhausted.

But what a fantastic end to the week it was! Loads of you left with bagfuls of new clothes to re-home and re-love, as well as giving someone else the opportunity to do the same with your pre-loved garments. What could be better?

We'd just like to thank you for coming along and raising lots of money for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust - so much that we are STILL counting! You're such a big hearted bunch!

We'd also like to thank our amazing staff, the FANTASTIC Roses All Over for coming along with their gorgeous teacups and saucers, and our very generous raffle prize donations - Terre a Terre, Age of Reason scarves, Shoemissy shoes and cake and Arieli Jewellery - not forgetting Hotel Du Vin for allowing us to hold our Big Swish in their elegant ballroom!

Keep your eyes peeled for My Swish in the news, as a Daily Express journalist joined us yesterday and left like so many first timers, an addict. We’ll be sure to let you know when she appears - with her swaps - in the Express over the next few weeks.

In the meantime, remember to tag us in your Facebook photos. We want to see your successful swaps!

Bare Minerals

We all love looking and feeling good and that's why we've teamed up with Bare Minerals for our charity swish on Sunday.
Anyone who pops along for a bit of gossiping and fab frock swapping will get themselves a Bare Minerals goody bag! Aren't we good to you?
Bare Minerals, also known as Bare Escentuals, is unlike anything else. Its completely unique powder formulas (for foundations, eye colour, blush, radiance and all over face colour) allow you to swirl, buff and tap your way to perfect skin in no time. 
Better still, ladies suffering with skin conditions such as rosacea and excema are safe to use this gentle formula, without dryness. Amazingly it’s even pure enough to wear overnight. Hurrah!
After raiding your goody bag, you might just fall a little bit in love. The good news for new converts is that Brighton is home to one of five Bare Escentuals Boutiques AND the fabulous ladies there are just as generous as we are,  offering you and at least five friends a FREE pamper party as a prize in our draw on Sunday.
To discover even more I-can't-live-without lovelies, visit the Bare Escentuals Boutique, in Dukes Lane. In the meantime, don’t forget to confirm your place (and Bare Minerals goody bag!) for Sunday's Swish at Hotel Du Vin, in aid of Cystic Fibrosis. Book online now and you’ll save on the ticket price!

The newest member of the My Swish team

At My Swish towers, we’re rushed off our feet getting ready for our January Swish for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust, so we’ve bagged ourselves a new member of the My Swish team to help.
Shelley Baker is a journalism graduate with a passion for freebie fashion:
“I love been able to swap my pre loved clothes with others! It’s like falling in love all over again! What better way to start the New Year with a wardrobe full of new clothes, for next to nothing? And better still, for such a good cause. Amazing!” 
Shelley will be styling swishers, taking photos of your lovely swaps and rifling through racks for anything floral.
“I can’t wait to get involved,” she says. “See you at the next Swish! I’ll be the one hunting for floral tea dresses and tapestry bags!”
Come and meet Shelley and the rest of the My Swish team at Hotel Du Vin, Brighton on 29th January 2012 from 2pm. See you there! 

Vintage and Retro Photoshoot

We had such fun shooting the outfits for our Vintage and Retro Swish Swish. All the clothes were available for swapping on the day and the models were our gorgeous My Swish staff!
You can check out the full set on our gallery page - let us know if you nabbed any of the items featured at the swish!
Styling was by Emily Inglis of Wooden Hill Vintage, props from Roses All Over and photography by Simon Lane.