Tuesday, 28 February 2012

My Successful Swishes!

How amazing was last months swish? I still can’t get over the lovelies I left with! I thought I’d share my finds with you like-minded ladies, and also thank the ones who bought my swaps!

As a dress girl, normally floral and always A-line, I made a bee-line for the girlie pink and purples rack and stumbled on my amazing finds.

I came away, like so many of you, laden with lots of things I love, including this deep purple New Look netty number! With my Sister’s 18th Birthday, just around the corner, this is the perfect find and multi-use dress. Plus it’s very pretty and I just know in years to come, I’ll still be wearing it, as long as it fits!

On the same rack, I found my pink lacy spring dress! I’d been looking at similar things, as you do, perusing Vogue and sighing longingly, never expecting to stumble on it at a swish. But this goes to show, anything is possible at a swish. Better still, as it’s a Primark dress, it left me plenty of points to get other things!

This included my silky navy vintage-inspired dress, which before the swish, I would have never thought suited my shape. But, belted and with chunky heels, I think I look quite sophisticated! Perhaps bang on the Maggie Thatcher trend?

Speaking of up to date fashions, the number of designer labels been swished seemed higher than ever! A savvy- swisher swapped her Hunter Wellington Boots (that were a bit too small!) for Kurt Geiger heels! Where else would that happen? Also at one point a Mulberry Alexa Handbag (lust!) was in the accessories section, but was long gone before I got there!

So now you’ve seen some of my swaps, show yours off with pride! Tag us in your Facebook photos! Who knows you may even see some of YOUR pre-loved clothes in their new home.

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