Tuesday, 21 February 2012

A swish at the House of Lords and a new arrival

On Wednesday Sarah and I took ourselves off to the House of Lords for a swish to celebrate International Swishing Week.  It was hosted by Baroness Young and organised by the founder of swishing, uber-glam Lucy Shea of ethical communications agency Futerra.  You can read her account of her year of no clothes shopping on her blog here

I have to admit at the outset, that I cannot remember a single thing about what I left with - however there is a good reason for this - of which more in a minute.

Sarah outside the Houses of Parliament in swished brogues

As you can see, we were RIDICULOUSLY excited, happy-snapping away like tourists... 

Me outside Black Rod's Entrance in swished green dress

In fact, I was SO excited about going that there was one small thing I neglected to tell anyone in case I was persuaded not to go:  I had a sneaky suspicion that my waters might have broken that morning... Undeterred, I donned my high-heeled boots and ran for the train.

That sneaky suspicion was proved to have been not so sneakily correct when, 24 hours after this photo was taken, baby Rex made his grand arrival into the world.  24 hours after that, we left hospital in Tunbridge Wells in style:

...wearing a swished outfit, natch.

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