Friday, 14 September 2012

Kudos to Mario Testino

Who knew that photographing shoes to make them look attractive could be so tricky? I am guessing it is easier for Le Testino, the shoes he photographs usually being at the end of some well toned super model leg.  Anywho... these are some gorgeous shoes that will be up for swishing on Sunday.  The Hobbs ones I got from a wonderful woman at a private swish even though they were not my size. I was hoping to force in my foot a la the ugly sisters.  The Yoma beauties, the corally, reddish ones, are just too divine but my size 6 trotters just seemed to be a tad to wide for them.  It's just too bad.

So 20 swish points each pair.  I hope they go to good homes to someone with slim feet.

You will noticed I have artfully placed the Yoma beauties with my beautiful pots as a background. Creative non?


  1. Alas no my feet are small, size 37, but wide, they look like hobbits feet! I have a spotty summer dress and spotty skirt coming back to swish, they were eyed up in the changing room when I was trying them on before so think they will go to a good home!!!

  2. I often recall the incident at an early 2011 Swish when a lady grabbed the 'petrol' coloured Fly boots I had worn to the event, and which were (at the time) a recent Xmas pressie from my Mum. As that colour line was running low in the UK, they would have been ever so difficult to replace. Lol. Having size 7 feet is rubbish... it narrows your options in the January sales. Glass slipper? No chance!