Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Silence and Noise

This divine dusky pink Silence and Noise cocktail dress, size L, never worn, could be yours for a mere 20 points at this Sunday's swish at the Lansdowne Place Hotel and Spa in Hove.

Bought with ACTUAL MONEY that is, not a previously swished item, this dress despite its gorgeousness did me no favours at all.  I blame the recent inhalation of danish pastry products - damn those chocolate croissants and custard creams.  I love custard creams. 

One lucky person can have this dress hanging in their wardrobe for a mere 20 points after this Sunday's swish.

Oh the joy that is swishing.  What are you going to bring?


  1. OMG I LOVE this. What fabric is it? Looks divine. What are you going to wear to my cocktail party now? Let's hope someone brings another cocktail dress to swap with you...

  2. This looks amazing! Elbows at the ready girls!!!